What do you get the Millennial who has everything? The thrill of victory. In an effort to engage a younger demographic and recapture U.S. market share, we created The Auction of Awesomeness. A fully integrated ebay-style online promotion had beer drinkers collecting points and bidding on all sorts of interesting items throughout the summer. Kerry’s role: AD | GCD

With The Auction of Awesomeness, the average user visited the site over 10 times – and for mobile users, this was significantly higher. During the program, users entered an average of 11 PINs. But most importantly, Blue Light saw a 17.5% increase in share of the 30-pack 12 oz. can, which was their highest profit sku and across all skus, sales were up 1.4% YoY, while the category was down 5.3% YoY.